Our goal: build websites that hit intended targets.

A look inside omigapun! design's agency, Lugano A DECADE OF DESIGN & HONEST ADVISING A look inside omigapun! design's agency, Lugano A look inside omigapun! design's office, Lugano A look inside omigapun! design's office, Lugano

Our design approach is what sets up apart.
5 principles we insist upon to ensure that you get the best design for your needs and receive the greatest value from your investment.

Most others sell pretty
websites, we don't.

Instead, we build effective websites that happen, always, to also be very good looking.
Strategic design requires business discipline. We examine the business environment, get to know your target audience, identify important trends in the market, study the competition. These data provide insight on what direction we ought to be heading in and help us devise a solution that will bring you expected results.

Most others strive to be
creative, we don't.

Instead, we sweat out design details that speak your uniqueness and create differentiation in a world awash with stimuli, without failing users expectations.
We all have different, but specific mental images about... everything. When it comes to the web, users have developed certain templates of how different categories of websites should look. Hence the importance of research-backed design to ensure that users expectations are met.

Most others offer design
options, we don't.

Instead, we present a single professional solution.
Options are a disservice to the client who has come to rely on us and trusts our expertise. We won't waste your time or ours showing you different design directions for the sake of it. Together we'll work on the most ideal direction, and refine it until we both agree it looks and feels right.

Most others use simplicity
as a style, we don't.

Instead, simplicity guides and defines the type of work we believe in and we strive to reduce things to their essence so that content can shine.
What engages users is content. Content is king, and what helps his royal highness dominate comfortably is a simple uncluttered website.

Most others design for their
clients, we don't.

Instead, we design for our clients' audience.
Aesthetics are subjective. It's essential to put aside personal preferences and go straight to what works best for your target audience. We won't make compromises and aren't afraid to say no because it does no good for you to love a design that is not effective with your audience or does not meet your project goals.

A look inside omigapun! design's office, Lugano

We started this studio 10 years ago out of a desire to create good design for good people willing to invest in good design.

Where I used to work, my boss would start designing the website right after meeting the client. About an hour later, I would be handed the design to code. The price tag was high, but clients were willing to pay because they believed that it was normal pricing from a traditional agency.
After the employment contract ends, I started to provide genuine value to people willing to invest in good design, without asking them for an arm and a leg.
Omiga Pun, Designer & Founder

We know our business and care about yours.
We invite you to see what we've done, learn about how we work together, and get in touch.